Olvasott szöveg értése — Task 1

Angol emelt szintű érettségi, 2017. május

In this article some parts of sentences have been left out.
Your task is to reconstruct the text by filling in the gaps.
Write the letters in the boxes next to the numbers.
Remember that there are three extra phrases that you will not need.
When you have entered all your answers, cick on the button "Check answers".
If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.

Missing sentence parts:

A) no ordinary bag will do

B) watch out for these signals

C) many of which are more than 50 years old

D) one person is taking too much time

E) using her bag to indicate her wishes

F) suddenly producing one from the bag

G) it is at easily reached waist level

H) normally cut out of top British newspapers

I) given to her by her children and her grandchildren

K) surrounded by memories of her happy childhood

L) doggie choc drops for her beloved pets

M) she abandons her bag

N) the event is at a close
What's in the Queen's handbag?

Queen Elizabeth IIThe British monarch has an extraordinary collection of more than 150 bags, (1) . She does not carry money, credit cards, car keys or a passport, so what does she put in them? The answers are in many cases quite surprising!
The first thing that the Queen tends to pull out at meals is an S-shaped meat hook. She places it on the table's edge and hangs up the bag. It means that (2) and the Queen can open it without any fuss.
Queen Elizabeth has always been superstitious, and carries with her at all times an amazing array of good luck charms, (3) . They are mainly on an animal theme: horses, miniature dogs and tiny brass saddles and whips. She also carries photographs of her family, and (4) ̶ a factor contributing to the size of the bags.
She is never without a small camera and has frequently astonished world statesmen by (5) and asking them to pose for the family album. Her Majesty hates wasting time or being bored, so she carries two or three crosswords, (6) by her staff, with her at all times. Add in a mirror, diary and address book, sun glasses, reading glasses and, believe it or not, a pen knife, and it can be seen that (7) .
Why does the Queen carry her large handbag everywhere, even to the breakfast table? Dr Dennis Friedman, a psychologist, thinks that despite being one of the most wealthy and best-loved women in the world she still clings to her handbag for security and comfort. The only time (8) is at her Scottish Castle Balmoral, where she feels most secure, happy and relaxed.
Another royal watcher believes the Queen's handbag serves a much more practical purpose. At lunches and dinner parties the guests are told beforehand that when the Queen places her bag on the table, (9) . They are to ask no further questions and must prepare for her to leave.
On walkabouts the Queen is determined never to give one person more than thirty seconds of conversation. If she finds that (10) , she drops her bag to the side in a certain way. A lady in waiting will then appear and take up the conversation, so that the Queen can move on. It is a very polite and civilised way of doing things, and it works.