Nyelvhelyesség – Task 4

Angol emelt szintű érettségi, 2017. május

You are going to read an article about an unusual café. In most lines there is one word that should not be there. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text.
Read the text and then copy the extra word in the box provided after each line.
Some lines are correct. Write "OK" in the box if the line has no extra word.
When you have entered all your answers, click on the button "Check answers".
If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.
The real junk food project

1)A “junk food” café, which serves on meals entirely from leftovers,
2)has been set up by two women who are fed up with waste.
3)Gaby Holmes and Natalie Crean, both of 23, are the driving
4)force well behind The Real Junk Food Café, which has opened in
5)Liverpool. They say it is shameful that just 35% of food ends up in
6)the bin, at a time when no food banks are crying out for donations.
7)Waste food supplies are donated by greengrocers, caterers
8)and small supermarkets. The two women decide it what they will
9)cook on the basis out of what produce they’ve been given. People
10)pay what they can for the food. The social concept café also
11)accepts creative donations instead of cash in stock exchange for
12)food. Gaby said: “It’s absurd so that millions of people are starving
13)and millions of food items likely go to the bin every single day.”