Nyelvhelyesség – Task 2

Angol emelt szintű érettségi, 2017. május

You are going to read an article about a newly revealed interest of the Queen. Some words are missing from the text.
Choose the most appropriate answer from the options (A-D) for each gap in the text.
If you make a mistake, please try again until you find the correct answer.
Use the arrows <= and => to move between the questions or click on "Show all questions" to see all the questions.
You needn't answer the questions in the given order but you must answer them all to complete this task.
If you need help, click on the button "Give me a letter" to get the next correct letter, but you'll lose points.
Loch Ness monster was nearly named after the Queen

loch-ness-monster.pngThe Loch Ness Monster could have been named after the Queen if it was ever found, amazing new documents (1) ______. A proposal to get ‘Nessie’ named after Her Majesty was sent to Buckingham Palace in the 1960s when a scientist discovered the Queen (2) ______ with the legend.
Recently discovered papers show that Sir Peter Scott, the first person (3) ______ an investigation into the existence of the mythical Scottish Highlands creature, asked the Queen (4) ______ to have the monster named ‘Elizabeth Nessiae’ if it was ever eventually found. His (5) ______ came after he found out Her Royal Highness was “very interested” in the existence of the prehistoric animal, The Independent reports.
Martin Charteris, who was the Queen’s private secretary (6) ______, said in a reply to Sir Peter’s letter that there would have to be “absolutely indisputable evidence” of its existence before it was named after the monarch. He said: “It (7) ______ very regrettable to connect Her Majesty in any way with something which ultimately turned out to be a hoax. (8) ______ the animal does prove to exist, I am not at all sure that it will be generally very (9) ______ to name it after Her Majesty (10) ______ it has for so many years been known as ‘The Monster’.”