Olvasott szöveg értése, Task 2

Angol emelt szintű érettségi, 2016. május

In this article about some toys lost at sea some phrases are missing.
Your task is to fill in the gaps from the list below.
Write the letters of the missing parts (A-M) into the boxes.
Remember that there are three extra letters that you do not need.
When you have entered all your answers, click on the button Check answers.
If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.
A) and claimed they had been found in the Netherlands

B) some 300 miles to the east

C) where the toys have been spotted

D) which is confirmed by experts

E) finds have been made abroad too

F) and it may be affected by weather conditions

G) when 4.8 million Lego toy parts fell overboard

H) to raise the lost Lego container from the seabed

I) to contact people with similar finds

K) which are still coming up today

L) this is a hotspot for pirate figures and octopuses

M) that they have spotted during beach walks in most cases
Mapped: the beaches where Lego washes up

The story of millions of Lego pieces washing up on beaches still attracts huge interest and the list of places (1) is still growing.
Beachcomber Tracey Williams has been picking up Lego along the southwest coastline of England ever since a cargo ship accidentally dumped millions of the toy pieces into the sea in 1997. She set up a Facebook page as late as 2014 (2) and dozens of people have in fact got in touch about the drifting toy pieces from various Lego sets (3) .
Most pieces have been found around Cornwall, says Williams. "From what I've been told, (4) ." One example was a fisherman from a neighbouring town who often brings up Lego. The items caught in his nets, (5) , also include toy roof tiles, door frames, seaweed and a lot of bricks. Brighton, (6) , is the furthest confirmed report from England's south-eastern coastline. But some of the sightings have come from much further afield.
It all started (7) from the Tokio Express container ship in a storm off the southwest coast of England in 1997. Williams says that (8) , for example, in Kerry, Ireland, where an octopus matching those lost from the Tokio Express was found around 2007. Also, someone took some Lego pieces to a beachcombers' fair in the United States (9) . In a recently published scientific report oceanographers admit that the claim for this latest find may be true, but they add: "Although it matches the drift pattern, it's hard to know for sure."