Olvasott szöveg értése - Task 1

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2019. május


A) Where can I find a record of earthquakes and data about them?

B) Does the earth open up during an earthquake?

C) What exactly is an "earthquake"?

D) How often do earthquakes happen?

E) What causes earthquakes?

F) Can earthquakes be predicted?

G) How do we know that we will have another one in the future?

H) Is it true that the number of earthquakes is growing?

I) Where do earthquakes take place?

K) Can people cause earthquakes?

L) How do earthquakes cause damage?
Frequently asked questions about earthquakes

Rocks break and move in the earth. Energy is released, and that’s what makes the ground shake.
The slow deformation of "tectonic plates". The rocks can break suddenly, releasing the stored energy as an earthquake.
The ground shaking may destroy buildings and hurt people.
No. People wrongly believe that suddenly a hole appears in the ground. This is only Hollywood's version of earthquakes.
Actually, all over the world; however, the so-called "Ring of Fire", which is around the Pacific Ocean, is probably one of the most active areas in the world.
Not really, and we certainly can’t tell their exact date, time and location in advance.
Yes. As a result of some human activities such as mining or underground nuclear explosions, there can be small ones.
Some international websites have lists of earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 and greater, and most countries have their own forums with information on local earthquakes.
No, they happen at more or less the same rate every year.