Nyelvhelyesség - Task 3

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2019. május

Fairy tales - scary tales

Many generations are familiar with the characters from Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast thanks (1) Disney’s hit adaptations of the original fairy tales.
Pictures of big-eyed beautiful females and charming males are among the first details a lot (2) viewers mention when asked about the movies. But (3) truth is that the Disneyfied tales are often very different from the original story.
While we often associate fairy tales with children’s bedtime stories, their original purpose was (4) else. The original tales suggested the idea that people (5) do morally wrong things will (6) punished. Some fairy tales started out as oral stories, passed down from generation to generation, as a warning to little children (and adults) (7) be good. The most famous versions of these tales (8) written down by the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen.
While some level of morality still exists in the Disney tales and stories, most of their original, darker details and endings (9) been removed. Did you know that in the Grimm brothers’ version of Cinderella there is enough blood for a modern thriller?