Hallott szöveg értése - Task 2

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2019. május

1) What did the college professor fill the jar with first?
He filled it with .

2) What did he put into the jar next?
He put in a box of .

3) What did he pour into the jar after that?
He poured in a box of .

4) What liquid did he use to fill the empty spaces left in the jar?
He used .

5) Name two things that the professor considered “important” in life.
Your and .

6) Name two things that the professor listed as “other things that matter in life”.
Your and .

7) What did the professor mean by the “small stuff”?
He meant .

8) What happens if you spend all your energy on the “small stuff”?
You will never have time for the .

9) Name two pieces of advice that he gave to illustrate the things that are essential to happiness.
You should and .

10) What does the last thing he poured into the jar represent in his analogy?
That we should always have time for a(n) .