Olvasott szöveg értése — Task 3

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2017. május

Read this article on the left about the benefits of taking a nap.
In the sentences that follow the text on the right there are some gaps.
Your task is to fill each gap with one word so that the sentences correspond to what the text says.
Write the words in the boxes.
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If you make a mistake, please try again until you find the correct answer.
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The secret of power napping

The power of the nap cannot be ignored. A recent study at Düsseldorf University has shown that even very short naps improve your memory. Looking at their effects on pilots on long flights, the researchers reported: “Naps can greatly improve both your energy level and general mood.”
Naps are of critical importance to pilots, but they can have the same benefits for anyone. Taking a nap for about half an hour is the most practical. If you want to try it yourself, have a coffee beforehand, so that it takes effect towards the end of your nap. Don’t sip your coffee too slowly, as you might find it’s already taking effect as you begin your nap.
The truth is that we can nap anywhere. The best way is to find a spot where you can make yourself comfortable at some point during the afternoon period – an unused office, the sofa in the staff room or even in the park. Then close your eyes and just let go. Some people say that they simply “can’t nap” and they won’t be able to fall asleep. But here is the thing: it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you use this period to close your eyes and disconnect from the world for a short while.
After a nap, take five minutes to become aware of your surroundings and have a cup of tea or a glass of water. One more thing - light will reduce any tiredness quickly, so you will be full of energy and enjoy all the benefits of your nap.