Hallott szöveg értése — Task 2

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2016. május

In this section, you are going to hear a true story about Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer.
Your task is to give short answers to the questions below using the exact words you hear.
First, you will have some time to look at the task, and then we will play the whole recording in one piece.
Then, after a short pause, you will hear the recording again, but this time we will play the text in shorter sections to give you enough time to write down your answers.
When you have entered all your answers, click on the button Check answers.
If you don't know an answer, click on Give me a letter to get a free letter but you'll lose points.
If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.
1) When did Ali change his name?
In .
2) What was the religious movement that Ali joined called?
It was called the .
3) What two animals did Ali mention in his statement?
He mentioned a(n) and a(n) .
4) What did Ali and his friend decide to visit?
They decided to visit a(n) .
5) Where did they leave their bikes?
They left their bikes .
6) What did they eat?
They ate hot dogs and .
7) Where in the basement did Ali find Joe Martin?
He found him in the .
8) After they filled out a police report, what did Joe Martin hand Ali?
He handed him a(n) .
9) What did Joe Martin teach Ali?
He taught him the .
10) What did Ali win in 1960?
He won .